2.3.14 and backlash compensation issue

Continuing the discussion from Sequence Generator Pro 2.3.14 is released:

Any idea if this might fix the issue I was having with backlash comp with my Rigel Systems focuser? Discussed in this thread.


Probably not. That said we have re-factored a bunch of the backlash code in 2.4. If you’d like you can participate in the closed beta when we release it…

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How do I get an invite to that?! :smile:

Moderators will be the minimum audience for closed betas. So you all will automatically be invited (and will hopefully use it.) We may open it up to others as needed. We will still have a public beta of 2.4 like we’ve done in the past. We’re just not ready for it yet.


Thanks for the offer, Ken. Yes, I’d like to give 2.4 a try when it’s available.