2.4.2 Public Beta


So good news and bad.

The good: The 2.4.2 seems to be stable and we will release a public beta of it tomorrow.

The bad: After receiving initial permission to use and distribute their plate solver (PlateSolve2), PlaneWave has been unresponsive to further requests. While the code for integration is complete and functional, we are removing it from SGPro.

Hi folks,

Just a quick update on 2.4.2. The scope is locked for this next release (meaning no new features, just bug fixes) and a public beta will be forthcoming.


  • Adding new feature that allows you to control the number of captured frames per event (helpful in order to compensate for bad frames and showing only what you have really captured)
  • Added option when marking a frame bad to also decrement the captured count on the event of origin. Request ability to change the event progress counter
  • Focuser temperature “smoothing”. For the focuser, SGPro will now return the mean temperature over the last 5 minutes. This should help with “jittery” readouts and reduce the number of erroneous autop-focus triggers because the focuser decided to report a spontaneous one degree delta (or similar).
  • Added two backup systems for the mosaic and framing wizard target lookup system. One is the SIMBAD mirror hosted at Harvard and the other is local database (now installed with SGPro containing more than 10,000 targets (~1MB). SIMBAD in France seems to be down a lot lately so we added this to improve user experience.
  • Added support for the Nikon D810A
  • Hopefully fixed the “Right click to center” bug found when using the Astrometry.NET solver
  • Sequence recovery will now terminate prior to the 90 minute time limit if the scope passes the meridian.
  • Can now deselect or select all targets by right clicking (a new option in the target context menu)
  • Added the PIXSCALE FITS header
  • Added ability for FLI cameras to set readout speed
  • Note: FLI settings have radio buttons for RBI mitigation (this is not yet functional).
  • Fixed an issue where trying to blind solve 32 bit reference fits would crash SGPro.
  • SGPro will no longer attempt to sync scopes / mounts that don’t want you to sync with them (Like TPoint in some cases).
  • Updated the type of high precision timer we use to time images (will hopefully help folks who have been seeing inconsistent wait times for exposures)
  • The “Direct Mount Guider” is now capable of performing meridian flips
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes show an error when rendering the filter image icon
  • Added Nikon D4 to the bulb camera list
  • Auto focus pause now occurs prior to AF filter change
  • Fixed a bug where SGPro would crash if an empty ImageHistory cell was right clicked