2.4 help file


Is there an updated help file for 2.4? I know the old one was a bit outdated, and I’d love to read a bit more about autofocus options - I just couldn’t see anything different.

And you probably get so many questions about the incorrect step size calculations that it might be a breath of fresh air when the old stuff goes :smile:

BTW loving 2.4 - I had a v curve with most of one side missing and loved the way that it just carried on going. Great stuff keep up the good work !



Not sure what you mean. The 2.4 help system is deployed to PDF, the website and is distributed with each copy of SGPro (In the SGPro help menu). Do you see something that is out of date? It has grown pretty large and we may have missed something.

No sorry Ken my apologies I hadn’t clicked on the understanding autofocus link. Thank you.