2 Focusers in SGPro

Hey everyone, is there a way in SGPro to use 2 focusers within the same profile? I have a Moonlite Dual Port Controller set up to now run my imaging scope focuser and want to use the other port for my guide scope focuser. I know that SGPro can do a focuser and rotator, but is there a way to remove the rotator and add a second focuser?

If this isn’t possible, what recommendations would y’all have in order to keep my functioning AF feature available in SGPro but also be able to focus my guide scope using ascom?

Generally my guidescope will stay in good enough focus any not need focus adjustments throughout the night… that said I could see this being an issue if you were using a crayford focuser with at 5lb camera pointing at Zenith all night. In that case maybe using sharpcap as a secondary focusing mechanism would work…

a second copy of SGP will do the job