330 crashed on me

after slewing to the night’s second target and while platesolving, SGP crashed/exited.

the log ended with:

[10/29/19 21:05:16.666][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] C:\Users\pfile\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\PlateSolve2.exe 0.00741981532008,1.12788083875358,0.03565923728738,0.02693026377629,200,C:\Users\pfile\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\\Temp\psXSolve_1.fit
[10/29/19 21:05:33.935][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSolve2: read APM file...
[10/29/19 21:05:34.436][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSolve2: Exit state -> ValidSolve

i don’t know how to find more info - there is some kind of windows event viewer, right? would that be helpful?


It’s possible. Hit the Windows key and type “event”. Event Viewer should show itself. After launching it, open “Windows Log” and then “Application”. Find ~21:05:34 and see if there is anything there.

Usually a crash will show a dialog with error message and say something like there was an unhandled exception and then have a button that reads “Show Details”. Is this the kind of crash you saw or was it a hang?

SGP simply disappeared with no dialogs… i’ll check the event viewer.


Im not certain, but I think I can tell where the crash occurred based on how the logs ended. Can’t be certain though… sometimes the log buffer has simply not flushed everything it has been asked to write (it may be behind). Anyhow, the code that might be to blame has been removed… I don’t think it’s necessary.

ok thanks - when i start up tonight i’ll poke around in the event viewer and see if there is anything to see. do they give a backtrace like OSX does?

well, i don’t see anything under Windows Log > Application around the time that the log ended, so no new info to report. we’ll see what happens tonight.

ran 330 with no problems last night. sorry i can’t reproduce, but hopefully this was fixed.

If I’m correct the crash is timing based so that does seem to support the change I made.