36 hours on M1

Just like last fall, when I wound up with 59 hours on M76, I didn’t realize I had so much data. But I’m okay with it!

M1 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

This is the first image I processed with PixInsight, and I really only made the move because DeepSkyStacker was giving me some weird moire patterns in the stacked images. If you’ve been holding off of PI because of the learning curve, I’d tell you to just jump in. With Harry’s intro tutorials, I found it pretty quick to get results as good as I was getting with Photoshop. And with a little extra effort, I think this is well beyond what I could have gotten in PS.



Very nice. I find PI easier to use than PS.

After you were finally done with it, did you have a nice crab dinner? :fish:


Shrimp. Crab is way too expensive! :smile:

Or a Starfish…

Really nice colors. Like you, the three things that have propelled my own images in the last year are SGP, more exposure and PI.

Wow, really nice result! No substitute for integration time, is there?

SGP, PHD2, plate solving, and PI have made this fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! If only I could get this much time on a spring galaxy. It would really help with my light pollution. But short nights and spring weather are a lot less friendly than fall.