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First, I apologize for not using the bug submission form–I’m writing this up from memory after last nights session and don’t have access to the imaging computer. I’m also combining a couple of things into one thread and hoping that a single posting can get through!

  1. Big Status WIndows. Open and works fine the first time I open it after starting SGP. If I close it, it will not open again until I exit and restart SGP. I glanced at the logs and didn’t find anything. I’ll try to track down logs next week and submit them if you can’t duplicate it.

  2. There seems to be a 10 seconds pause after each frame finishes downloading and before the next frame starts. I see this imaging sequences, doing auto-focus, and doing the “start” on the “Frame and Focus” panel. The current frame downloads for the expected 16 seconds and then pauses for another 10. Checking or un-checking “Enable image history” doesn’t seem to affect it.

  3. A suggestion: Automatically disable image history for flats, darks, and bias frames during a running sequence.

None of these are show stoppers! I’ve had 4 awesome nights. Thanks for the great software!

  • Shane

The big status window is one time use only. The bug here is that restarting SGPro should not let you use it again. jk… thx, I’ve fixed this and no need for logs.

Definitely need logs for this one. There is a ton of stuff that happens between camera frames. Whenever you get a chance…

SGPro has never charted or recorded image history for non-light frames. I have verified that this is currently not broken so maybe you mean something else?

SGPro has never charted or recorded image history for non-light frames. I have verified that this is currently not broken so maybe you mean something else?

Yeah, probably. I wrote that note when I thought that it might be the image history looking for stars on flats that was causing the delay after the end of the upload. I’ll try to fake a session this evening when I get back to the imaging computer and get a log.

Thanks Ken!

  • Shane

Way too many bugs/hangs to list… new “improved UI” makes it virtually unusable via RDP which is how I mainly use it via remote NUCs on my rigs.

Going back to the November version before all the havoc started.

Sorry to hear that Larry. I, too, use a NUC and RDP into it. I certainly have not had your experience–my RDPs have been solid, clean, and hard to tell I’m not on the NUC locally. My RPDs, however, are not over an Internet link; I’m on a local subnet. Both wired and wireless seem to work fine. I’ve not yet encounterd any hangs and, if you read my introductory message on this thread, you know the two issues that I have encountered.

  • Shane
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Update on real thread subject:

Ken, I’ll get you a log early next week. In the mean time, I looked at it last night and the log indicates that it is taking about 12 seconds to save the image file. My image files are saved onto a flash drive–not the speediest of media! Also the drive is over 70% full, is about 4 years old, and has had a LOT of files written to it over the years. It might be wearing out.

I’m going to put a new flash drive in when I get home and see if that makes a difference. If so, the problem is solved. If not, I’ll supply logs and you can tell me what else I’m doing wrong!

Thanks - Shane

Works fine using version 770 from last November.