A couple of observations after another good night with

I’ve just been woken by GNS’s owl letting me know that my sequence has finished for the night, and checking the data, SGP has acquired about five and a half hours of beautifully focused and dithered subs while I’ve been getting some beauty sleep (which I desperately need). By the way - the five and a half hours all the astro dark we get here at the moment…so I’ll say it again - “Great Job guys!”.

I just have a couple of minor observations:

Despite running events made up of ten frames each; GNS constantly reported SGP’s status as working on frame 2 - not the frame that SGP was actually working on.

Would it be possible to “toggle” the screen stretch preview button “off” as well as “on”, rather than having to adjust the histogram sliders please?

Many thanks


I can’t reproduce this. Have you looked to see if the windows client matches what is displayed on the phone?

Right click the image “Stretch - None”.

Thanks Ken - I’ll have a look at the client tonight and report back.


Hi Ken

I’ve been unable to replicate the issue I described with GNS - but I have found another “minor” with the format of GNS status messages. This centres on the limited status message space on the GNS Windows server and on the client app.

The problem is that status format starts with the Sequence Name (in brackets) and then reports the Sequence Name again as part of the beginning of the actual status message. Last night, all I could see was something like “(NGC4565 The Needle) starting NGC4565 The Needle Event 3 Fram…”

Presumably, SGPro creates the GNS status messages. If so, I don’t think that SGPro supports multiple consequtive sequences, so can the first Sequence title be done away with so that we can see more of the message itself please?



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I talked to @jaime about this months back and he even sent me a version with much more space so client’s can have a bit more freedom with messages. I guess he never released it (or he did and we are not distributing it).


yes, I did release the app version with longer messages long ago - but maybe not long enough?

Anyway, I’ll check the windows part of the equation, as last week I sent another user, for testing purposes, a new version of the windows software with more space for messages in the windows’ window. Any suggestion for maximum message size? Unfortunately there has to be a limit.


Thanks @jaime

Not really. We don’t write novels in our status messages, but the length of a particular message can vary a bit because some contain user generated target names and things like that. We have hundreds of notifications that make their way to GNS, the longest of which appears to be this:

Best fit method found value, but it was out of tolerance with respect to weighted avg of lowest 3 HFRs (new: 25000 old: 24900)…

Please let us know if you update the Windows client so we can update our distribution.

Hi Jaime

I agree with Ken - if you could fit “Best fit method found value, but it was out of tolerance with respect to weighted avg of lowest 3 HFRs (new: 25000 old: 24900)…” into the client and the app, it would be great please.

Probably out of bounds for this forum - so sorry in advance - a couple of suggestions / questions for GNS if I may…

  1. Is there any chance of changing or allowing the user to configure the colour scheme of the app, away from white - which shines really brightly while you’re trying to sleep.

  2. I’ve got GNS on IoS - if I want to put it on my wife’s Android phone - do I have to buy another license?

All the best and thanks


Hi Steve, Ken,

ok, I’ll try to make a message this long fit. In the Windows part it is no problem, the app may be another issue altogether . I will eventually manage but may involve rewriting the app from scratch. Same goes for the color scheme, yes, I have to rewrite the app.

For the other question, please contact me directly (jaime - at - lunatico.es).

Ken, sure I’ll let you know when a new windows version is released.

Best regards,