A couple questions about using this new forum

Hi Ken, Jared, Joel,

Looks like the new forum is off to a good start.

I noticed I can choose to get email notifications for individual topics if I go into the topic and select the option. Is there a way to get notifications of ALL new messages, including messages in topics I have not looked at yet?

Also, is there a way for me to see all the messages that I have not yet read? Can I mark messages read or unread? I’m used to the link “Show unread posts since last visit.” in the pixinsight forum and my club’s forum has a similar option, so I was wondering how to do that kind of thing here.


P.S. sorry for putting this in the Sequence Generator category, but I did not see a more relevant category.

Ok, I just found the answer to that part… it’s in Preferences, just scroll down a bit to see Email. I guess the option I was looking for is " Receive an email every time a post is made on the forum (unless you have muted the topic or category)".


If you go to your preferences you should be able to check the options like so which will get you an email for pretty much any new post to the forum:

If you go to the Home screen (by clicking the MSS logo) you should see the unread tag which will take you to the messages you haven’t yet read:


Actually I think the “Unread” tab will show you responses to your posts or posts that you’ve posted to.

And the New tab will show you all unread posts.


Ok, thanks, I’ll see how New works. The tool-tip message seemed to indicate that it was going to show new topics. We’ll find out soon enough if it shows new posts within already-seen topics (which would be nice).