A Trio of SHO Images

Here are a few image in the Hubble palette I imaged with SGPro over the last few months.

The first is a two pane mosaic of OU4, the mass ejection/planetary candidate embedded in SH2-129, that I used the Framing and Mosaic Wizard and it worked perfectly.

The next is supernova remnant LBN 576 (Abell 85 or CTB 1). Even though it is a single pane image, the Framing and Mosaic Wizard was a great help to frame the image as this one is too faint to see with normal centering frames. Most of this was captured unattended and when I monitored the session one night, I noticed what seems to be a bug in my Gemini controller that when the scope neared this object, it sent an RA of about 85 hours to the PC. The mount was pointing at LBN 576, Pinpoint failed because it was given a bogus position, but the Astrometry.net fallover reported the correct position and saved the day.

The final is IC59 and IC63, the Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula. This one was captured in its entirety while I was comfortably sleeping. It has a reflection component that is not captured in the narrowband data, so I intend to get RGB data to incorporate in this image.

Enjoy and please comment.


Frank Z…

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Great job Frank! Amazing work.

Very nice well done. I like the third image in particular.

I agree the framing and mosaic wizard is great. I’ve just finished a 2 pane image - next up are a 4 pane and then an 8 pane. I’d never of dreamt of taking on projects like these without plate solving and the f&m wizard !



I also have a few more mosaics in the book. I have a nine pane one of SH2-240, and to keep myself busy over those long winter nights, a 12 pane narrowband of Orion. I’ll see how those test me.

Frank Z…

Hi Frank - that’s uncanny - those are the two exact targets I have lined up in the wizard already! Just need an sgp cloud wizard and I’d be sorted…

All images are excellent, but the image of OU4 is mind blowing! WOW!