A very strange double Meridian Flip

Mount: Celestron AVX/StarSense
SGP: v2.6.0.23
Southern Hemisphere

I’m having a very strange behavior with SGP and a double Meridian Flip. At the beginning everything is fine, the Meridian Flip comes at the right time and it goes smoothly. Then, a few minutes later, SGP (my mount?) goes crazy and tries a new Meridian Flip, this time the telescope is literally pointing to the ground. By this time I abort everything manually.

Attach logs:

SGP-log.txt (54.7 KB)

This may be the StarSense HC version. Earlier ones didn’t implement sync correctly but AFAIK the current version should be OK.

The firmware is the latest, updated a couple of days ago. I think I’m gonna try the original HC.

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I also experienced what I believe was a double flip about a month ago. Have not tried to flip since as I have not been in the observatory. Unfortunately no log to post, but I will be trying a series of meridian flips early this week during my observatory visit, will look for the behavior and post a log if this sort of behavior happens again. One thing I do remember is that plate solving failed with the initial flip.


I think (and I might be wrong), that the reason for the strange flip is linked to the relatively high pointing error after the first flip action:

Given your pixel scale (2.63 arcsec/pix), the 7000 pix error translates into an over 5 deg error in RA. That is higher than your meridian delay (1.25 deg) and the mount was actually in an “weights up” position. Issuing a sync under this condition disturbs the mount. It gets the wrong idea about what side of the meridian it is and about where up and down are.

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