Ability to disable dither for failed images and stop/resume sequence start


I’m using and have two issues regarding dither:

  1. Currently when a capture fails, such as when aborted by the guide parameters, there is a dither before the next frame starts. This also involves guider settle which can waste a lot if time (as I found out the other night) especially if the conditions are a bit dodgy. In this case the dither should not be after each image capture attempt but after each successful image capture and save.

  2. Dither occurs if I stop and resume of sequence. Whilst on paper this seems like good idea the practicalities make me think otherwise. In a typical session I may have to stop imaging manually mid image due to cloud (for ex.) when I restart PHD has already successfully dithered from the last good frame. If I now resume then I get another dither from the dithered position and if I have to do this several times then the error adds up.

I think it would be very useful enhancement to only dither after a successful imaging frame download. If a frame is aborted for any reason then do not dither.

In all probably this wont be of any consequence to a lot of people but it would make SGPro more usable to me.


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Great idea.

I think that if your suggestion were combined with this feature request: dither optimization, virtually all unnecessary dithers could be eliminated.


I like this too.

Don’t forget the dither that happens when you first run a sequence too, no point in this dither taking place at all


Yes good idea so only ever dither after a successful frame subject to the ‘dither optimization’ thread constraints.

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