About the "Trial Expired",help me

I recently downloaded the SGP V and once installed, the “Trial Expired” window poped out saying the trial is expired and asking for registration. This is the first time I download and install SGP and never use the trial version before. One friend also replicate the same issue on his copy. Can you please look into this issue and see if there is a bug on the trial license? Thanks.

I too am having a problem with the trial period. Downloaded and installed on a laptop, Windows 7, and got a 45day trial period. I learned on this laptop and figured out what I need to do when under the stars with my mount. Copied the download onto a jump drive and installed on a different laptop used just for the mount. Installed ok but, there was no trial period. It want a name & registration number, no info input and it runs as a free lite version. I want to make sure SGPro can do an auto focus between X number of exposures before I buy. What can I do??

Steve B

We can only offer trial extensions to machines with an internet connection (a one time connection) . From the laptop with issue (and an internet connection) go to the help menu an request a trial extension.

Hello Ken

Thanks for the reply and I will work on the laptop that is at the scope to make sure it has a good connection to the internet and then request for the trial extension.

Steve B