ADD a maximum time for file download from the camera to alert in case of hanged download


I have problems with the download of subs with my ASI1600. Sometimes during download a subs of 180s of exposure (for example) , but more frequently during the autofocus procedure with SGP and 1 or 2 seconds exposure at Bin 2X2 .

This is very annoying , and I asked you , the SGP TEAM to add a timer (a time limit ) for AUTOFOCUS and DOWNLOAD of subs from the camera , b
After the timer expired, SGP could for example sent an ALERT with email or GNS.

And also do an automatic reconnection of the camera (done by SGP when the dowwnload fails !!)
It will be GREAT !!!

Today , I do it manually , and it usually works.

What do you think ?

CS to you , Arnaud

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Probably a good idea to prevent a run away issue where things just hang. I thing GNS already should alert for something like this though?


GNS does not sent anything !!!
And that is the problem


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Iā€™d second this. Had this problem with my QHY247C the other day. Download hung during the auto-focus. Had to manually disconnect and reconnect the camera to get SGP to play nicely again.