Add a "Sequence Profile" similar to "Equipment Profile"

It would be nice to be able to save sequence profiles like we can currently save equipment profiles. I could envision a galaxy sequence, a narrowband sequence, a globular sequence, etc. Then, if I configure a new target using the Frame and Mozaic wizard, I can apply a sequence profile that would automatically populate the events in the sequence. I often have a dozen or more events in a sequence so that I can rotate over it while taking several images at a time per filter before switching filters, such as this sequence: LLLLLLRRRGGGBBB. Being able to just save sequence profiles like this and apply them to new sequence would be a great timesaver.

I think you can already. You can save a sequence and on another occasion apply a different equipment profile to it.

That works well indeed. You just need to be careful if besides a number of equipment profiles you also have more than one user profile (which includes your location). I have found it sticks with the sequence and can not be changed afterwards. You must then make sure that the desired user profile is marked as default for new profiles and can then create a new sequence with that userprofile/location. Otherwise the wrong location is used for the sequence. It will show in the planning tool for an object and SGP will even refuse to slew to an object if it is below the horizon for the location used in SGP calculations.

Correction: I had forgotten that can you simply change the applied userprofile/location in the sequence window. The area with the sequence data next to the actual target list is some sort of blind spot for me that I tend to overlook all the time. Apologies for any confusion caused by my previous comment.