Add frame status to Sequence Docking Module

Can the individual frame status be added to the sequence module? It’d be nice to see how far along a 20 min sub is. The “Big Status” shows this nicely, but is an extra panel on the screen.

A third circle, or a mini version of the big status would be perfect.

Thanks for the consideration,

There are a few ways to see the current frame, without any module.

  • At the bottom status bar (the progress bar as well as text countdown)

  • You can see the current frame being filled up in your SGP icon in your taskbar.

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The bottom status bar doesn’t help when the screen resolution is low. The text at the end overlaps into the next status bar section and makes it difficult to see the time remaining. This happens when I use Microsoft RDP on an iPad. I second the option to dock a version of the big status to the sequence summary as a tab. If this update can be done, I would appreciate it!

Thanks for considering.