AF still running

Hey guys – running 2629 and both last night and tonight hit an issue running AF – basically, the run completes, I close the AF window, but the bottom left status still indicates AF is still running, and if I try to continue, I get a message that the sequence can’t start due to AF running.

Attaching log/screens… Time of first screenshot is 6:44pm, the AF would’ve completed just prior. Thanks! (565.2 KB)

Me too. :confused: I am currently also looking at the screen saying it is trying to do a recovery waiting to to slew (step 3) yet the status is saying it’s still integrating the last image.


How did you close the dialog? Did you click “Cancel” or “Close”?


Your post is not related to this, please start a new topic (complete with description and logs) if you’d like us to take a look.

Hmmm … I am fairly certain I hit Close. I’m not 100% on that, though … I did wait until it said the AF run was complete. It did expand the range a few steps, but I’m certain it was complete before closing.

Unfortunately this is not a new issue… just a tricky one. We will continue to look. Please let us know if you uncover any other clues.

OK – just happened again. I definitely hit close this time.

Here’s a basic rundown:

  • Sequence not running
  • Run autofocus manually from Control Panel > Focus (Use Autofocus checkbox not checked)
  • Focus expands range, eventually settling on focus point.
  • Indicates finished, I select close
  • Appears to still be running per screenshot 1 above
  • In control panel > focus, the stop button is visible instead of run.
  • I hit stop, button gets greyed out, but nothing happens.
  • Only remedy is to exit / relaunch SGP.