Alnitak Remote Dustcover


i have an Alnitak remote dust cover (12") for my Newton which is mostly the same (Hardware) like the FlipFlat except the Flat Field.So I connected the Cover with SGP and connection seems to work. When should the dust cover Open? When I start an Image sequence or on connect? Because I have seen no effect!

Thanks for help!

My suggest would be to open the dust cover immediately after connect if the mount is unparked or immediately the mount when the is getting unparked. When the Mount is parked the cover shall close. (it’s equal if cover has flat field feature or not)

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We don’t currently support the dust cover. Only the FlipFlat and FlatMan. It’s possible that the dust cover uses the same protocol. If you connect it and go to the “Other” tab in the control panel can you open and close it manually or are those greyed out?

Posting a log once you’ve connected it may be helpful. But this is currently an unsupported device so I wouldn’t expect it to work.


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It’s enabled but nothing happens on changing. I will post a protocol asap!