Annoying issue with Aborting a running sequence!

Hey all,
I have experienced an issue many times which really ‘Bug’s’ the hell out of me in the aftermath of doing a full stop abort on a running sequence.

When the sequence is running and, for whatever reason, you choose to abort that sequence using the full abort option and running end of sequence options too, something really annoying happens should you decide to ‘Reset the sequence’ and restart it !

When your sequence first starts, PHD2 will be fired up and all relevant equipment will be connected based on your profiles settings, everything then continues on it’s merry way. Then, you realize something is not right for whatever reason and decide to do a full abort.

This situation once completed parks the mount blah blah but it also disconnects all of PHD2’s equipment…Reasonable ?..Yes, why not ?

So now 30 mins later I decide to restart the sequence again, I do ‘Reset sequence’ and click ‘Run Sequence’ again. within seconds SGP will go into recovery mode which will just continue on until an auto abort happens…Reason…PHD2 is running but none of it’s equipment is connected so it can not do it’s job and calibrate etc etc resulting in the sequence not being able to move on.

So, my questions are these:

When you first run a sequence under any circumstances fresh or from a full abort, why cant SGP first check to see if PHD2 is already open, if it’s not…Open it…Then check to see if all the required equipment is connected in PHD2, if it is not…Connect it.

When running a sequence and PHD2 is already running and guiding SGP seems quite happy to check it’s status, confirm it’s all good and just continues as expected but not after a full abort, reset and run again because PHD2’s equipment was disconnected while aborting.


It would be fantastic if this issue could be addressed.

Many Thanks

SGPro should always send the signal to connect gear when needed. I’ll look.

Thanks Ken


Is it possible that you have the “disconnect PHD2 on sequence end” checked but NOT the option for “connect PHD2 gear on sequence start?”

Hi There Ken,

Thanks for the reply…

I’m sure, unless I’m missing something that I do have the relevant bits and pieces selected / deselected which are appropriate to this situation.

If I have got it right then see the following pic:


The relevant profile loaded at the time of ‘Run Sequence’ is highlighted as is the settings for the Profile’s auto Guiding. Unless I’m missing something then this looks ok to me.

For the record, the profile is all simulators and I will include it here just in case:

I’m sure I have got this right Sir ?


Yes, that look right… just want to make sure I’m not chasing ghosts

I would never get you chasing Ghosts if I could help it, you guy’s have enough on your plate already, Maybe it could be an issue to do with the simulators I have set in the profile, if it was then I would be mortified to think I could be wasting your time unintentionally.

Pop that profile in your system, pick a relevant target via F & M wiz, apply my profile, at some point after running the sequence do a full abort and allow ‘end of sequence options’ to run with an immediate stop, wait til complete, ‘Reset Sequence’ and ‘Run sequence’ again, as it appears, PHD is still open but it’s equipment would have been disconnected by the Full abort. Recovery mode should fire up almost immediately and eventually there will be a statement in the Log referring to having to manually connect the gear in PHD.


Here’s something interesting, Tried to run the same thing this morning and SGP IS trying to connect PHD’s equipment:

[11/16/19 11:54:30.899][DEBUG] [Main Thread] Adding sequence level notification: Resuming the auto guider (post slew / center)…
[11/16/19 11:54:30.900][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sending Notification: Status - Resuming the auto guider (post slew / center)…
[11/16/19 11:54:30.900][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] DoEventGroupChange: Slewed or Centered, attempting to start guiding.
[11/16/19 11:54:30.904][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2: Auto Resume
[11/16/19 11:54:30.904][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2: PHD2 is already open…
[11/16/19 11:54:30.904][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sending to PHD2:

[11/16/19 11:54:31.004][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2: PHD2 is already open…
[11/16/19 11:54:31.004][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2: Failed to connect equipment, invalid profile!
[11/16/19 11:54:31.004][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2: PHD2 is already open…
[11/16/19 11:54:31.004][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sending to PHD2:

[11/16/19 11:54:31.104][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2: Cannot start guiding, PHD2 says equipment is not connected…
[11/16/19 11:54:31.105][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Recovering the sequence (while attempting to resume auto guiding)
[11/16/19 11:54:31.105][DEBUG] [Main Thread] Adding sequence level notification: Something has gone wrong while attempting to resume auto guiding
[11/16/19 11:54:31.106][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sending Notification: StatusRecovery - Something has gone wrong while attempting to resume auto guiding

There is a line in the log looking like it attempts to connect PHD2’s gear but fails due to an ‘Invalid Profile’. Strange as it was happy with the profile when it first fired up on the original sequence start.

Here is the log for the test run:

sg_logfile_20191116113913.txt (190.2 KB)

Let me know if there exists a file from PHD2 which may have the so called ‘Invalid Profile’ within it for you to inspect, not sure what I would be looking for or where it will be.


Alrighty… found and fixed.



In the words of Doc Brown…


Super Job Ken…Thanks

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