Another Eastern Veil - bi-colour

Evening everyone.

My latest image: HOO bi-colour of the Eastern Veil, with RGB for the stars blended back in. Processed with PixInsight and help from Harry’s latest Masked Stretch tutorial.

Ken, Jared - I never cease to smile at the efficiency of SGPro as it sequences, auto-meridian flips, centres etc. You both have done a great job in helping to simplify the job of capturing subs. Thank you.

Astrobin for hi res

Thanks for looking & Clear Skies!



Looks really great Barry…I need to also follow up on Harry’s tutorial…it certainly worked for you.

Hi Barry,

really nice result; everything as it should be!!!


Barry, I decided to try my hand with the bi-colour and try out some more processes in PixInsight. I am on the other side of the Veil from your image - but pleased enough at how it turned out. I did not have the RGB data so my stars are not as good looking as yours…but no matter…like you I enjoyed trying to bring out the detail. Link:

Thanks Kinch.

I like your Witch’s Broom - well framed and cropped, gives it a real dynamic feel. Star halos well controlled too. Cracker.


Way too kind in your comments Barry…still, I am encouraged to ‘plod on’, learning & improving.

Thanks again.