Another successful imaging with SGP Beta 11

I updated to SGP Beta 11 and imaged NGC2903 last night.

The Sequence Run was successful.

I had two problems but not related to SGP.

The first problem was I was not getting consistent V-curves during AF. Eventually I narrowed down to Optec ASCOM driver for focuser. It limited the backlash compensation to 95 steps. So during the exposure of one of the subs, I was able to disable Optec’s backlash compensation and enabled SGP’s backlash compensation and increased it to 150 steps. From then on it made perfect V-curves. My focuser system has about 1.3 microns per step. I wonder why Optec’s focuser ASCOM driver limited backlash compensation to 95 steps?

Second problem was my Superstar autoguider stopped communicating twice. PHD2 graph showed flat lines for both RA and Dec axis. I had to go outside and disconnect and re-connect the USB cable for Superstar and was able to recover from then on. The second time happened when the galaxy went behind the trees so I didn’t have to work on recovering.

The reason for Red filter having only 8 subs instead of 18 like other filters is I had some problems during the imaging session and it delayed me finishing with red filter before this galaxy went behind the trees. If it’s going to be clear tonight, I’ll probably take another 10 subs with red filter but I wonder if this would really make a difference.

Once again, SGP did a great job automating my equipment. Note that Meridian Flip was not involved due to the galaxy being part of the Southern sky and my A-P1100GTO mount does not require Meridian Flipping.


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Hi Peter,

Nice job!
I’m working on that one also.


Thanks Mark. I look forward seeing yours.

I reprocessed by creating a pseudo Luminance by extracting Luminance from RGB, processed Luminance and applied to RGB image. It appeared to be better.

NGC 2903 with Pseudo Luminance

You can blink between this image and RGB image by clicking on left and right arrow at top center (look for “2 of 27” or “1 of 27”).


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I have been having pretty good luck as well now that the issues with PhD2 and the SBIG internal guider are fixed as well as the DirectGuide in TheSky also working. Neither of these were SGP issues, one was TheSky and the other PhD.

The only issue I have had is (so far one time) is the TEC cooler just turning off for no known reason one night. No one knows what caused this. Could have been almost anything, including user error.

I am now confident enough that I have uninstalled all the old versions from my main machine and have gone to the beta and other latest versions entirely.