Ansvr will not start

Trying to setup the ansvr under Windows 7 / 64bit, German. The package installation closed successfully, the index files have been downloaded.

“Ansvr Settings” will not start with the “Site not found” message. The ansvr log:

[2015-06-10 13:36:47] ansvr 0.15 start
[2015-06-10 13:36:47] loading config from /var/tmp/platesolve/config
[2015-06-10 13:36:47] read port 8080 from reg
[2015-06-10 13:36:47] using scale error override value 5 percent
[2015-06-10 13:36:47] using downsample 2
[2015-06-10 13:36:47] solution coordinates will use epoch J2000
[2015-06-10 13:36:47] saving config to /var/tmp/platesolve/config
can’t setup server: Address already in use at /opt/ansvr/ansvr line 1038.

What am I doing wrong?


The server is already running. When I run into this, I just reboot the computer and it works. You can also change the port and start another instance.


Restarting the computer was not sufficient.

I have then done a test without the Windows Firewall. The server could be accessed.

Then I reactivated the firewall and restarted the installation, this time using the option “Run as Administrator”. Now I got the necessary exception rules for the “pearl.exe” in the firewall and everything woks fine.


Gotcha! Windows Firewall is a good one to check too.

Thanks for the update and lesson learned!