Any way to apply Flats exposures without re-running the Wizard?

Hi guys

I recently re-ran the Flats Calibration Wizard (due to a slight change in my equipment) and I did so by connecting my Nikon D5300 to my home desktop computer, which has SGP on it. However, I also recently got a new imaging laptop, and I’ve set up my new profiles on it, but then I couldn’t find any way of applying the Flats info (exposure times at each ISO) to the profiles themselves. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this is by re-running the Wizard again and pressing Save when done.
Is this right, or am I missing something simple here? I really don’t want to lug out the scope, camera, tablet and reconnect everything up again if I don’t need to.



When using a profile that has flat data set and you choose “Flat” as your event type, it will auto populate the duration of the exposure and the number of flats you like to take.

To answer your question specifically, the flats cal wizard asks up front what thing you are calibrating flats for. So, if before running the cal wizard, you have chosen your profile (step 1) then it will be saved to that profile.

Hi Ken

Sorry, maybe I didn’t make myself clear.
When I ran the wizard everything went as planned. I selected my profile and the flats data got saved accordingly (I verified this by doing a quick Flats sequence at the right ISO).
The problem now, is that I want to import the Flats data to a profile on another machine, without having to actually re-do the Flats through the Wizard again. It seems to me that the Flats data is stored somewhere in the background of SGP, so I can’t access it or edit it in any way.

I believe all you need to do is copy the profile containing the flat data to your new machine. Profiles are stored in the directory you specify in Tools | Options.


  1. Make sure to save your calibration run the the profile
  2. Set the location of SGPro profiles in the options dialog
  3. Navigate there to find your profile’s sgp file
  4. Move that to any other machine’s profile location