APPM/SGP Plate Solve Fail

I am trying to use SG Pro in combination with Astro-Physics APCC Pro and its modeling module APPM for image capture and plate solving (via PlateSolve 2) with a Mallincam SR 1600c TEC. After APPM issues the call to SG Pro to capture an image, the API launches and the image is acquired. However, APPM never appears to receive the image back and I get an error every time. “Unable to read FITS file. Bit pix=32 not supported”. Running latest version of SGP and APPM.

Do you have any suggestions on how to debug the issue?


If you can upload the SGP logs as well as a FIT from we can take a look.

Thank you,

Jared, thx and I will try to upload the files here.

sg_logfile_20190913002752.txt (36.9 KB)

sg_logfile_20190913002752.txt (36.9 KB)

New to this so please let me know if these came through. added the fits file

A|so, to add, does Planewave 2.29 in SGP recognize a 32 bit format of the Mallincam 16cTEC. I’m also getting support on the AP GTO yahoo group and this question has come up. Can you confirm if this is an issue with this version of the SGP software?

In addition, I am using an AP 0.67 Focal Reducer on a 14" RC scope. FL is 2848x0.67=1908mm.
Pixel size on the 16cTEC Mallincam camera is 3.8x3.8 microns. Thus giving me 0.41 “/pixel at 1x1 binning. I believe this is correct. In SGP I input 1908mm focal length. In APPM I input 0.41 in the Plate Solve tab as it requests the 'unbinned” X and Y arcsec/pixel. I’m shooting at 2.x 2 binning and I believe the SGP and APPM takes that into account. Guess these would be theoretical values.

Per Ray’s suggestion in Yahoo I ran my M57 through with this configuration with camera on 2.2 binning.

Image scale came back at 0.626 "/pix which was with DB2 on my camera. So APPM and SGP ask for unbinned which should be 0.31 "/pix.

Can you confirm this Is correct?


That message comes from PlateSolve2 itself. It does not support 32 bit images. Unfortunately we cannot change that…

On another note though… where are you getting this 32 bit FITS image from? SGPro will only save 16 bit images. We can certainly add support for 32 bit images, but initially it would be a process by which we convert / reduce the 32 bit value to a 16 bit value.

I got the fits file from APPM. I’m trying to do a point model for my ap1600gto and using APCC. Is there any way to get this to work? I was going to buy this software but now I’m wavering as it won’t plate solve with my cameras. Mallincam’s. I’ve reached out to Jack H. At MC and he’s touched base with the programmers if they can output in 16bit for the driver. Let me know if there is any other option for me. Thx, Dui

I got the fits file from APPM

Sorry, but no you didn’t get a 32-bit file from APPM. APPM can read 32-bit FITS files but it does not save 32-bit FITS files.

BTW, when used with SGPro APPM can instruct SGPro to create the image. So, make sure you use SGPro as the camera in APPM. Of course you will have to setup SGPro to use your camera if you haven’t already.


My bad Ray. Only meant to say that the file was under the APPM folder. I have identified the camera in SGP to use the Mallincam 16cTEC. Im still stuck here it appears. still looking for a path forward. I purchased APCC Pro to do a pointing model. It appears I cannot with my existing equipment. Correct me if Im wrong. Dui

I don’t have the camera you are trying to use so I can’t answer your question. Have you contacted the manufacturer and asked them if you can configure your camera to do 16-bit downloads?



I don’t have a Malincam camera but I was able to download and install the ASCOM driver. Below is a snapshot where you can change the bit depth and format. Since you say the camera is downloading 32-bit it might be that the camera is using 8-bit and RGB which would be 24-bits, thus ultimately a 32-bit format.

Maybe try various combinations starting with BitDepth=16-bit and Format=Raw until you get something that works.



Ray, yes I’ve talked to Rock and Jack. They have made a request to the programmers. I wasn’t aware that the combos you listed above would change the bit depth. The 16cTec has only 8 bit and 12 bit buttons showing. I will try the 4 combos tomorrow and see what comes of it.
Thx for the suggestion… I’m loving APCC, btw. Great job.