ASCOM 6.2 Platform Problem

It appears that there may be problems with ASCOM 6.2 and some versions of Win 10. My new computer reported an ASCOM failure, apparently dealing with Profiles. SGP (both the current version and the new beta) would not open, reporting an exception. Reading the ASCOM Talk forum, this appears to be some problem with ASCOM and setting permissions. I attempted to reset permissions; no go. I don’t know if others have encountered this problem but apparently the ASCOM folks are aware and I sent them my latest diagnostic log.

Happy New Year to All,
Ed Wiley

What mount brand are you using. Not every mount specific ASCOM driver is as robust as others.


I have seen this before on my own machines with Windows 10, but I reinstalled the OS for other reasons. It did not occur when I installed ASCOM after the OS reinstall. You might get a less vague answer from the ASCOM forums.

Peter at ASCOM related that this has to do with Win 10 Anniversary editions. He directed me to a link for a new beta that solved the problem based on a diagnostic test that he reviewed. I am very impressed with Peter’s response to this problem. I suspect that this version of 6.2 will be available shortly.

Awesome… thanks for following up on this.