ASCOM communication problem?

When I got up this morning SGP said a meridian flip had failed.

EQMOD showed as disconnected from SGP and the mount was still tracking (eek!). PHD2 and Stellarium were both still connected to EQMOD.

Looking at the log it seems like SGP was having trouble communicating with ASCOM? Both for the focuser and for the Telescope?

Seems odd as nothing in software has changed.

This was SGP v3.1.0.519, and I have now upgraded to .539, but I didn’t see anything in the change log that looked relevant.

Anyway here’s the log file:


PS is it safe or even a good idea to upgrade ASCOM to 6.5?

My guess would be that a cable got pulled during the meridian flip causing the focuser to disconnect. It doesn’t seem that the mount was disconnected or that tracking was stopped. May want to use the “Park” option vs stop tracking and I’ll look into why the tracking wasn’t stopped on the abort.


OK I checked and did find a power cable half way into the USB hub, so that have been the problem (although doesn’t 100% fit all the symptoms).

Waiting for clear skies to test more.