ASI 1600 Color and Drivers

Hello, I have my SPG set not to stop cooling on my camera when the sequence ends. If I disconnect for a moment from a SPG sequence it always turns off the cooler. Is there a way to set the camera so it just doesn’t stop cooling unless I tell it to warm up?

Is there a fail safe way to know when you set the plugin for the ASI camera in the equipment manager for those setting to take effect? Is there some way to look at anything and pixinsight or another program to know what is being recorded other then looking at the meta data?

Thank you.


No, most drivers will turn off the cooler if you disconnect. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over that. You can have SGP set to cool the camera on connect so when you do reconnect it will cool down again. But other than that not a lot can be done.


Thank you for letting me know that I was not missing the ability to control that. Joe