ASI 294 Cooling Question

When coolind camera down prior to start of a sequence, it looks like the camera is not making it to the programmed temperature and only uses a third of its power. It gets close, and it keeps going back and forth between a couple of temperatures without making. Could this be a hardware issue?


Aprox time of issue: see log file

Useful Info
See this link for a video of the event.

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

What temperature are you trying to cool it to?

The amount of power is defined by the camera. SGP can only tell it the temp to hit. It may be worth removing the delay and just cooling to a set value to see if that works.


Initially I wanted to cool to -20 as I used to do with my 1600. Then I backed that out to -10 which seemed more possible. Last night I could not get it to go cooler than -8.

I don’t know why the cooling progress bar is not compatible with the camera’s cooling effort. The status bar shows progress completed while the cooling may still be going on for a long time, and the status bar indicated “idle”. Isn’t the status bar linked to the actual cooling process?

The progress bar is only relative to the cool down time. So if you say “Cool down to -5 in 5 minutes” then the progress bar goes for 5 minutes. After that the camera is set to -5C and it’s out of SGPs hands. However we will still wait on the camera to be at the set temp prior to starting the sequence.


Got it, thanks!