Astrometric Instruments option

I notice that there is such an option for the telescope. When I click on it it does connect but states that I need to use Maestro for slewing. I assume this can’t be used for direct movement by SGP.


Sorry, I’m not sure what this means. Can you clarify a bit?


Hi Ken,

I use an Astrometric Instruments Skywalker goto system for slewing the mount. Have more reading to do in the manual but SGP connects ok with Maestro and I get an RA/DEC readout in SGP and I can go to park. My specific question is the telescope nudge option is not highlighted…should it be when connected to the mount?

Maybe. It depends on if the mount supports the Nudge command. Some (but certainly not all) support this feature. I’m guessing that your mount does not. If you you can connect your mount and attach a log we can quickly tell you if it’s supported or not.


Thanks Jared, next time I get out there. I’m pleased to find very other
function on the mount seems to work fine with SGP and it’s entirely
possible nudge is not supported. I would have thought it would act the
same as the hand paddle. I’ll have to also contact Astrometrics.