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Forgive me… I’m a total newbie to SGP. I don’t have Internet Access where I image, so I thought: “ah ha, local plate solving is for me.” But the version of SGP I’m using, (the latest, I believe), doesn’t have any settings for that let me tell it there’s a local server. Is that because SGP knows enough to look for it? Am I doing something foolish?



No, you need to tell SGP where to find it. The ansvr setup details setting up SGP to use the local instance.


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Okay. Thank you. I looked harder at the instructions. The appropriate settings are in “Control Panel” not “Equipment Profile.”

Now, if the clouds will go away for a night or two, I’ll test this out.

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Hi Jared,

I jumped into local plate solving also with, and followed the online instructions. is installed and ansvr is working.
There is one point where I am bumped: in SGPRo, I don’t see the “Other” button on the Plate solving tab, so I cannot enter the local address as mentioned in step 14. I am using SGpro 2.4.1. Any ideas ?



Hi Andy,

Thnks, I found it, was my fault… :grinning:. I was looking at the wrong panel, now it works fine !!


Port numbers 8080-8081 were not available and so I re-installed to port 8082 which was.
After the install I checked via the cmd prompt netstat -n -a -b to check my ports again only to find port 8082 used by LMS.exe.I canßt seem to get a port working without some other process taking over.
Here is a copz of my log file.


You’re on the right track. On Windows 7 or later you can try any port number below 49152; on Windows XP you can try any port outside the range 1025–5000. You are bound to find one that is not in use eventually, just keep trying.


  • have tried 20 or so different port numbers but still no luck.
    Using it online works.*

That makes me think there is something else preventing it. The most likely candidate would be Windows Firewall. You should try temporarily disabling Windows Firewall to rule that out.


I’m having the same issue. My log file is identical to Singlin1 except my port is 8080. I’ve also tried a number of different ports and I have disabled the windows firewall. Any other ideas?


I have two telescopes and their field of view are as follows:
ED80 with 0.8 reducer with Atik 383L = 2.17 x 1.61
Skywatcher Quattro 10" with Atik 383L = 1.04 x 0.77

My widest index is 4212 (2 to 2.83 degrees)

Mz Narrowest index is 4205 (20% of 0.77=15.4 arcmin)

Is this correct?

Here is another log, It seems to connect to the port but not solve.

Hi Simon,
This looks like a problem I had some time ago.
If you goto the plate solve tab click on other and check the End Path
I think yours will be
Try deleting the /config
Dropbox - Error

Thanks Nigel!
I deleted config at the end of the path and it now works.

All is well,but cant get very accurate solving.I am getting aroung 70 to 180 pixel error when centering

In the control pane, plate solve tab, how many attempts do you have it set to try to solve, and what is your solve error set to?

It is set to 3 attempts and a threshold of 50 pix

When you observe the plate solving, does it try 3 times? Can you watch the error get smaller with each attempt, or does the error stay the same?
What mount are you using? 3 attempts may not be enough to get to your desired error of 50px. It also might depend on the mechanical accurracy of the mount.

I have a Mesu 200 clutch mount.
It does the sequence 3 times sometimes a little better sometimes worse.