Atik 16200 Image Download Problem

I have been having slow download and download failures during image capture in SGP. I use an Atik 16200 camera with EFW 3 filter wheel. My mount is a Paramount ME and my telescope is a TEC 140.
The problem is intermittent and the majority of frames are downloaded in under 25 sec. Atik quote a download time of 18 sec.
However, I find that some frames can take several minutes to download and at least 1 frame per sequence over the last few nights has failed completely to download. SGP then reruns the frame which usually downloads OK but very occasionally the failed frame has to be rerun again.
Originally the camera connected to a USB 2.0 hub. I changed this to a top quality 5 metre direct USB cable from the telescope to the computer. The problem continued in the same manner.
I am relatively new to SGP and would welcome any advice on how to improve matters

We’ll need a log to better investigate. Please see here:

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