Atik camera cooler not cooling or showing temperature corectly

I am using the latest SGP update which I uploaded this week. I noticed that the camera does not cool or show the cooling progressing. I have tried lowering the temperature to more manageable levels like 0 and even +10. No cooling is shown. My Atik 414 ex has a delta cooling to -30 and my ambient temperature is + 27-+17 so I am not expecting it to cool to -20 bu it should cool to -8 or -10. I have tested the camera out on Atik’s soft wear called Artemis and the camera does cool to -8. If I then end Artemis and go to straight to SGP and activate the camera then it will show -8 for camera temperature. The fits header for my images shows the temperature the same as the camera temperature tap. If i start SGP first then close and turn on Artemis the it show the camera temp as -8. If you look at my logs you will see I have turned off camera cooling because other wise i get a notice that SGP is waiting for the camera to cool to -20. I have tried several previous versions going back as far as all show the same results which is weird because I never noticed this before.

Fixed my problem. down loaded the latest version of Ascom 6.5 and the latest version of Atik divers 2020.06.23 and that did the trick.