Attention QSI Owners

QSI is just about ready to release their next generation of drivers. The new driver set will uninstall the old driver set so, for obvious reasons, these drivers cannot coexist. We worked with QSI to ensure that SGPro users have as smooth a transition as possible here. The following applies to both SGPro and the QSI version of SGPro:

Scenario 1: Sequence used old QSI driver and old QSI driver is installed
When a sequence is loaded that was saved with the old QSI driver set, SGPro will give you a one time warning informing you that you should upgrade to the new QSI driver (not available yet). At this point, you may continue to use the sequence and the old driver set as per normal.

Scenario 2: Sequence used old QSI driver and new QSI driver is installed (old driver is gone)
When a sequence is loaded that was saved with the old QSI driver set, SGPro will automatically update your sequence to use the new QSI driver set. Proceed as per normal.


  • Profiles will also be auto converted, but will not issue an upgrade notice
  • SGPro will not allow the old driver and new driver entries to display in the camera drop down at the same time. If you see a QSI entry (or even more than one), you can be assured that it matches the driver set you have installed.

Sounds like all capture software will have to implement changes to work with new QSI drivers, not just SGP. I have not noticed any notifications from other capture software companies like Nebulosity.

I don’t think I want to download QSI latest drivers yet.

Is this QSI latest driver your are talking about:


I don’t think so. This version is fully ASCOM compliant. The “fix” in this case, is to remove the old native driver as a choice.

I don’t think so… They have not yet released the new driver.

Any word on when the new driver will be out? I had a problem this week which I posted about the cooling temp error on my 690 causing the sequence to abort and park.

I addressed the possible problem of a loose power adapter by applying a velcro strap around the adapter and affixing it to the body of the camera in order to put a little tension on it so it would not wiggle around when slewing and rotating the angle. You also advised me to upgrade the drivers which I did. I think it was version and don’t know if that was the one I already had. I did see that my original driver had a date of around 2011 on it so I’m sure I needed to do it anyway.

When you install the new driver in Ascom does it remove the old driver on it’s own and install the new one or was I supposed to delete it first. I don’t remember seeing a message that it was uninstalling the old driver.

Thanks Sean

@h2opolo you’ll need to get in touch with QSI. I am unsure of their exact schedule or intended release dates.

Okay thanks