Auto focus after slew


if I select ‘Target Settings/SLEW to and then CENTER on location’, then the auto focus routine runs after a slew to the target. I.e this works as expected. The “Auto focus after automatic centering action” checkbox is checked.

However if I select “Target Settings/SLEW to location”, then the auto focus does not run.

Is it somehow possible to run the auto focus routine after a simple slew to next target?

Useful Info
OS: Windows 10 64 bit
Ver: 3.1.446


Not currently. Can you explain the use case?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using 10micron GM1000HPS mount with EdgeHD11 scope. The slew is precise enough for me. So I thought I could save a bit of time by avoiding the centering action. However I still would like to run the auto focus routine to make sure that the focus is still good.

I expected that the auto focus would run after any ‘SLEW’.