Auto focus question

I have a question regarding auto focus. I am imaging with a 11" edge HD, OAG and ZWO 2600 OSC.
I often start by getting very close to optimal focus by doing single (“take one”) images and note the focus position. I then will run the auto focus routine. Sometimes I may be off by a “step”. Consequently, my U shaped curve may be skewed to on side (I usually do 7 steps). So, SGP will start the routine over again but not always shift to a new “center position” for best focus. SGP will try running the routine again with no shift in focuser position and hence end up with the same skew of the U curve and unable to take a validation exposure.
Any thoughts or suggestions to get SGP to realize the offset and reposition itself so that the best focus # is now at the center of the U curve?
Thank you,
Dan Dall’Olmo

It sounds like you may have Smart Focus disabled in the auto focus settings. Smart Focus does exactly what you’re referring to (shifting the curve).


Hi Jared,
You are correct. I have smart focus disabled. My understanding was smart focus would ignore the selected data point # (7 in my case). This would allow additional steps to be measured. Will enabling smart focus allow SGP to gather enough data points to the re center and run the auto focus routine again. My understanding was for a SCT such as mine, smart focus was a bad thing??
Thanks, I will try with smart focus and see if it corrects the issue I’m occasionally having. The funny thing is, even with smart focus disable, SGP would occasionally reposition the focus center and run the routine and everything would be hunky dory.