Auto guider failed to recalibrate (Auto centre)

Perhaps my workflow is slightly out, however, this is what happens when i start my sequence.

  1. Slew to target in CdC
  2. Calibrate PHD2 (in PHD2) & start guiding
  3. Solve and Sync in SGP
  4. Auto centre on target when sequence starts.

The sequence begins, and runs the auto centre routine, which validates the frame and succeeds. Then I notice “Waiting for auto guider to report status (force recalibration)” in the status bar. PHD2 re-runs its calibrate routine, and guides correctly. However, SGP fails with an error and aborts the sequence. So, I turn off Auto centre and just start capturing, ignoring the location data.

Is there something amiss with my workflow? I’m still figuring out all of SGP’s features / integration with PHD2.



Thanks for the description. In order to help you, we will need a few more things. Please see this post for more information: