Auto guider settling settings

With my current Equipment Profile, SGP spends most of the night waiting for my autoguider to settle. Is there a setting I can change to direct SGP to “accept” more error than it current does? I see a couple places where this might be done:

Autoguide → Dithering Options: … then settle at < 0.x pixels for y seconds
Autoguide → Other Directives: Restart current frame when guider distance is > x pixels.

Neither of those looks like a setting which will really help my particular problem, but they are the closest I’ve found.

Yes for sure, this is adjustable to whatever meets the needs of your rig. The first one you identified

Will reduce the settling wait time you note. You’ll want to raise the pixel value or lower the time value (or both) such that, for your rig, meeting those criteria indicates that the camera is stable enough to start the next exposure…

Also, indirectly related, you may wish to lower the severity of the dithering pulses such that they introduce less offset (and, as a result, take less time to correct)

I was at my observatory all weekend. When I first started guiding I didn’t think this was going to work, but once PHD randomly settled for a couple of seconds and SGP started its first frame, I didn’t lose a single minute to SGP waiting for the guider to settle.

I still have the problem of oval stars because of my poor guiding, but I’m working on that, too. Thanks for your help.