Autocenter failing

When attempting to autocenter plate solving and sync and slew seem to work fine, but I end up with failures at Step 4 Validate. Total errors are in the range of 200px. What can cause this?


Speculation often takes longer than just cracking open the hood and taking a look…

Please see this and we’ll help you take a look:

Ken, thanks.
Here is the dropbox link to the log file:

the problem occurred at 02:00:18 when Step 4 of the auto center failed

My guess is always that you don’t have J2000 set for your mount in the ASCOM driver.

The professionals will get you a better answer though :slight_smile:️.

Well… your mount is trying to move where we tell it to, but it seems to be dancing around it. For instance, at the point you noted, we asked your mount to go to RA 1.56055555555556 and it ended up at 1.56614486728729. At your scale, that is about 212 pixels from where you want it.

Well… I don’t really know (or understand how to use EQMOD… a lot of our support issues come from EQMOD users though). Maybe @mads0100 is correct in his assessment.