Autofocus exposure time far too short


I have upgraded to the latest version of SGPro. But all of a sudden, my autofocus exposure length is wrong. It should be 10 sec (which was working before I updated, set in the “For Filters” box), till now when AF is automatically trigger (by time), it exposes only for 2 or 3 seconds. This barely is enough to see the stars.

This was happening around 19:59 my time (see log file), and I couldn’t explain it.

Thanks in advance,


Hmmm, yeah, I can’t really explain it either. The settings there all seem valid. I’ll have to test this to see if something potentially regressed or if this is maybe a one off. Running with the settings from your sequence I was seeing the expected auto focus exposure times.


Thanks Jared. I have tried shutting down the session and the programme a few times hoping to see a difference, which didn’t work. If I run the AF routine manually, it seems to be fine, it’s only when it’s run automatically on one of the triggering conditions (every 30 min in this case), it didn’t do the full 10 seconds as I set it.

Ah ok. I just ran it manually. I’ll try in sequence. Thanks for that data point.


Hi Jared, any updates?

Has there been any updates on this issue?