Autofocus issue - Go to 0 position

Hi, I’ve a problem with autofocus.
Sometimes, during the process, the focuser go to 0 position.
How can I solve this issue?


A little more info is required, e.g. Logs ? which focuser ?, what does [quote=“aleovino, post:1, topic:11956”]
the focuser go to 0 position
[/quote] actually mean ??

Where I can find logs? Focuser is PegasusAstro with ASCOM drivers.
When I start autofocus process, focues works in this way:

  • Go to current position + 100 (ex. 6000->6100)
  • Take to photo and analyze it
  • At this moment it will be go to new position - 20 (ex. 6100->6080), but it will go to 0 position, the focuser close to IN without stop at related position.

Needs other informations?


to get the logs, in SGPro, click on Help \ Report a problem, which will bring up the Log Browser…

Ok, I’ll give them this evening.

See here for info on the easiest way to get logs to the forum.

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Here’s logs:
Link to logs

Appr. time 21.45


Unfortunately we cannot be of much help with this other than to validate the issue you are seeing is with connectivity (cables, hubs, etc) or the ASCOM driver itself (bugs or possibly not thread-safe). SGPro never asks to go to 0, but your focuser still moves there. The only other clue is your focuser intermittently fails to return a position and sometimes will return wildly invalid temperature readings. This makes me think the driver might not be thread-safe, but I can’t say for sure. Turning on focuser logs and attempting to see what the focuser is doing when the issue occurs is the way forward.

Hi Ken,
how can I turn on focuser logs?

You should contact the driver’s author and check with them. They may have a way to turn on detailed logs that provide the information you need. That said, there may be a way to enable logging in the focuer’s ASCOM settings.

One possibility is that you are using a comma as the decimal separator. This is the sort of thing that can cause problems if drivers are not handling this correctly.

This should not be your problem Alessandro but it is a clue that may help the driver author sort this out.

You may find that changing the decimal separator to a full stop in your system will help.

Hi there - I’m new to the forum and this is my first point of call. I’ve had the same problem as Aleovino. I recently used my ZWO EAF manually to find focus and it was racking inward and outwards just fine- the counter was working and I thought I’d give the auto focus routine a run. It immediately brought up an error which I could see was because the auto-focus routine had reset the counter to 0 (only in the routine) - and according to it, it couldn’t do anything from 0. The focusser had not moved and was still at focus point (in my case ~ 17,000). I swapped to another sequencing program I used and reconnected the focusser - it read the focusser at the correct position. I’ve attached the link to the relevant autofocus log file. Cheers

Sorry - try this link Cheers

Hi there,

We will need more information to be able to help. Please send us logs (not auto focus logs), SGPro and OS versions and we’ll take a look.

More information here About the SGPro Support category

Support requests go in this category #sequence-generator:sgpro-support

Was there ever a solution to the problem? I am having a similiar issue with a ZWO EAF.

Could it have something to due with Windows 10 and the handling of USB ports?