Autofocus takes quite some time

Hello to you,
My AF routine is quite time consuming. Up to 12 m. for one luminance run.
It also works strange in some way.
At first the routine is focussing and as a result I get a straight line from the upper right corner to the bottom left corner. Immediately after it starts again and produces a nice graph.
I will attach a logfile.
Maybe one of the more experienced users could provide some feedback/guidance.
Thx in advance.

How do I add the logfile?


Without seeing your logfile I would guess that you were some way from focus to start so the first stage of your graph was moving consistently closer to a good focus point without actually getting there. SGP then adjusted the start point (Smart Focus not disabled, see Focuser - settings under Use Auto Focus) and restarted the graph by which time your scope was sufficiently close to good focus that a good result was obtained.

How long did it take for the AF run when starting from a good focus point?

Some settings you might want to examine and adjust are:

a) AF image binning - 2x2 bins will download more quickly than 1x1
b) Your AF exposure times - unless you have a high F number I think 5-10 secs at 2x2 is sufficient with L filter or OSC.
c) Your AF step size. If too small it can take numerous steps to move a short distance
d) Number of steps - seven is normally enough
e) Mount settling time between AF exposures - Control Panel/ Telescope/Mount settling time

To post your logs, see Report a Problem on SGPs Help menu.

Thx.will check tonight.