Autofocus trigger question on startup

When my QSI boots up, it resets to filter 1. (I think most filter wheels do similar)
I have the ‘auto adjust focus offset per filter’ disabled and have ‘auto focus on filter change’ enabled, and the ‘auto focus with filter’ set to none. When I run the sequence, if the first event does not use filter 1, should the sequence be:

  1. Select filter used for next imaging event (may be event 1 or another, if this is a follow-on imaging night)
  2. Autofocus with filter
  3. Guider Settle
  4. Expose

Yes. SGPro does not care about FW movement prior to a sequence and consider the first filter of the first event as the “baseline”. Any deviation from this will trigger the AF event. (BTW, this is one of the gaps that the focus on sequence start / resume trigger can fill if you want it).