Autoguide after flip

Equipment. Gso rc6 reducer set at 981mm fl, imaging camera zwo asi1600mm, guiding camera zwo asi290mm mini using off axis guider. Stellardrive (hypertuned & belt drive) heq5 mount, eqmod, qhy polemaster, phd2. All software updated. Additional: explore scientific 80mm apo triplet reduced to 384mm fl.

I’m sure this has already been posted so if there’s a link with answers I would be thankful. First timer posting on here, please go easy on me.

So I can successfully get everything working in order to get my sequence going, but it seems I tend to start dropping almost all my frames after the meridian flip. It can successfully flip and center perfectly but for some reason I just cant keep the stars from elongating afterwards.

I know the best way to solve this would be to provide a log. I know this is silly of me, but I do not know how to access and copy logs from my pc to the forum, so if someone that would be able to tell me how that would be awesome. I also dont know how far back sgp keeps the logs so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them here today or have to wait until next sequence run.

The first night I got it to successfully run an auto flip I (of course) was sleeping for work and all my pics were trailed. Yeah that was my bad because it locked on to a hot pixel, no big deal right? Just make a bad pixel map in phd2 and no more hassle. Well I’m not sure what the deal is now without looking at the logs or having y’all take a look at them. My only guess now is that after the flip, phd2 auto selects a wimpy star and that’s why it’s not working in my favor.

So let’s go based off the guess for now. What do I need to set up or check off to make sure it doesnt auto select a wimpy star? By wimpy star I mean low snr and gets lost in guiding and dithering and all that much necessary stuff we need to get our sequence going.

I’ve been getting the hang of sgp for the most part. I came from using apt for a good while and well I got tired of writing scripts that worked 50% of the time and tired of lost sleep, so I’ll say sgp is a major improvement on my overall astrophotography. I’m really hoping the community here is just as great as the product. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Can’t help right off with your issue, however :

I do not know how to access and copy logs from my pc to the forum, so if someone that would be able to tell me how that would be awesome.

How to ask for help should have everything you need. :slight_smile:

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Also, since part of your question is PHD2-related, it would be very useful to see your PHD2 Guide Log from the session with the bad guiding after the meridian flip. PHD2 log file upload instructions are here.

We should be able to help you out once we see the logs.

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