Automate a Guide Assistant prior a sequence run

Hi, Ken

As the sky condition varies and seeing changes night by night, if it’s possible to have an option to run a 180s Guide Assistant in PHD2?

The recommended min-motion setting help a lot to reduce the total RMS. And I have to manually run a Guide Assistant before opening the SGP to adjust its value.

Since PHD2 added more PE methods these versions, is it possible to have an automation to run it?


Unless they added more actions to the API that are not yet documented, it doesn’t look like it’s currently possible.

@Ken the API doc is up to date, nothing new/undocumented, so yeah, the Guiding Assistant is not remote-controllable at this time.

@esazx, I don’t think your imaging is likely to benefit from running the Guiding Assistant each night. It should be adequate to run the G.A. once on a night with average or better-than-average seeing. If seeing degrades so far that the guider is chasing the seeing more than it would have with a fresh G.A. run, then your subs are going to be low quality anyway (due to the poor seeing), and you probably won’t even care about the guiding.
I’m basing this on personal experience with my own imaging setups and from looking at lots of people’s guide logs. In my case, I set my min-move values once based on a night of average seeing and after that I never touch them. We’re willing to be persuaded otherwise, but let’s take it up in the PHD2 forum, or on the github issue you added.

Oh, thanks Andy, I have posted a follow up regarding my gudiing log.