Automatically run sequence when I start SGP

is there a way to automatically start the sequence when I start SGP without pressing the “Run Sequence” button? I searched the help file and forum but I could not find the answer.
Thanks for your help,

Not bad idea. It could be achieved via command line in the future: sgp.exe /run sequence.sgp

I would love to see this in the future.

The CLI command that @drvo outlines is the best way to accomplish this.

Not sure what this would look like just direct from launching SGP. It seems like it could have some unintended results in the event you didn’t want to start the sequence.


I really would like to see this as well! Ideally via its API, but the command line approach is also ok.

Interesting that a variety of people want to be able to do this. Just curious as to why this might be needed. I can’t think of a use case where this would be helpful.


I have one use case. You can have PC with autologon and automatic startup of SGP configured. Then the PC is not needed to be run all the times and can be switched on by the “weather watcher” which can be a Raspberry PI. During winter I have often only one or two nights clear sky in a month.