Baby Steps: Flats n Flip

Hi all,

I tried all three of my equipment configurations on a two target imaging session last night. This is my first time imaging with SGP Pro, after a month of clouds, snow, and equipment failures.

I learned how SGP Pro “flows”, with the sequence being the heart which all other controls plug into.

I didnt know about the really advanced flats routines, so when I went in this morning to take flats, I was lost.

Can someone explain a quick step by step on how to do flats stand-alone for me?

Also, last night, I did my first Meridian flip which was successful after three tries. My Mount does not go to the exact target on flip, so SGP Pro needed to tell it repeatedly to nudge a bit more. I had several dialogue boxes to approve. Is there a setting which the program uses to automate the “nudging” , as would be required if it was unattended imaging?

Thanks and Clear Skies,

One last item. PHD2 keeps bringing up a dialogue box that no profile exists when in fact it does. I am running the latest (trial soon to be a purchased) version of SGP Pro and PHD2. Please help!


Hi all,

I figured out how to do manual flats. Thanks Chris Woodhouse!

Looking for guidance on how to eliminate need for manual intervention when my Mount flips and doesn’t quite make it to the exact target.

Also, I know this has been asked before, but I need real simple steps on how to eliminate the PHD2 pop up “no profile found”

Clear Skies,


Your PHD2 configuration can be for different profiles. So another one for each combination of mount and guidescope or telescope (when using off-axis guiding, OAG). In your SGP equipment profile and/or sequence you define which PHD2 profile should be used when SGP opens communication with PHD2 for that sequence.

Manual intervention should not be required after mount flips as long as you can use plate solving with e.g. ASTAP or other externel solutions to ensure imaging continues on the same sky coordinates as before the flip.

Does this help and are these the kind of directions you were looking for? Or do you need to be pointed to relevant parts in the SGP user manual?


Yes they do. I would like to see if ignoring the pop up dialogue boxes when the “flip” occurs will result in continued operation or halting the sequence. I will monitor that tonight.I noticed there is options for dialogue box or pop up reduction in SGP, but I shy away from those.
There are also increasing the tolerance parameters. This helped with slew and center with my Mount. I will seek to loosen these if “Flip” fails and sequence halts.

As far as PHD2 no profile pop up: I exported and imported the profile in PHD2. Then I went to the SGP equipment profiler, selected the correct profile and then refreshed it. Still, I got a pop up. So, I went to the SGP control panel, and also changed the profile (I had to rename it when I imported it back into PHD2) and refreshed.

Then, it worked without pop up.

Clear Skies,


Which dialogue boxes are you referring to here? When automatic meridian flips are enabled in SGP it will inform you when one is about to happen and then go through a series of steps (wait, slew and reposition use plate solving if auto center is also enabled). There is not much of dialogue there.

Glad you got SGP to provide PHD2 with the correct profile.