Bad compatibility regarding temperature control - QHY8 Pro HEEELLPPP!

I was very excited laast night when I saw that SG Pro can do a perfect focusing with my Seletek , can recognize my QHY II L guiding camera, etc.

BUT : unfortunatelly wasn’t able to control the temperature for camera QHY8 Pro cooling. :frowning:

I have set a lower temperature to be reached in 9 minutes ( a difference from 4 C to 0 C).
It didn’t reached this 0 C in 9 minutes but at least decreassed. I insisted with another setting and so on. Bellow 0 degree C won’t do anymore (???).
I tought that my camera has problems with his Peltier and then I immediatelly abbandoned SG Pro and quickly started EZCAP software from QHYCCD , which is a native software for my QHY 8 Pro.
Well, fortunatelly my cooling system was ok and I decressed the tempeature without problems, till -20 C.
I like the SG Pro architecture and want to buy it but … without camera temperature control is useless to me… :frowning: Somebody can help me , please ? Gabriel in RO.

Gabriel - how were you connecting, via a QHY ASCOM driver? Do you know if that works? It may be that the compatibility is not an SGP issue but an ASCOM one, otherwise there would more likely be many other users with the same issue and on other cameras. See if you can find another acquisition program that you can trial for free and connect with the same device driver and see if it behaves itself.

Have a read through the following thread:

Hopefully this issue will be sorted out soon, from what I remember the build on the download page:

Sequence Generator Pro Beta v2.6.0.17 (at the bottom of the download page)

Will work fine, until the guy’s get this sorted out it might be worth sticking to that version


Thank you very much, Buzz. I have good hopes regarding the Pro Beta v2.6.0.17 version which it saying that it work well. Waiting for repairing the issue at the last version, to be able to buy it. If the last SGP version don’t work this way, then we have only 2 suspicions, about: SGP or QHYCCD. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Paul ! (y)


We changed the polling back in .24 and this was released a couple of days ago. It should be mentioned that this is really just a bandaide to account for some oddities in how the Qhy driver handles cooling. The camera will only adjust its cooling power when we ask it for the temperature. So by reducing the polling frequency the camera cannot cool as quickly. These two things are generally separate concerns and are not linked.


Thank you for putting yourselves out for a temp fix to this issue, if only QHY were as accommodating then you guy’s could concentrate on more important things.

I’m sure the QHY owners community very much appreciates you and Ken’s help in the short term.

Always a very happy customer !


Hello Jared.

I just finished a long test to th 24 regarding the TEC and everything works fine this way.
The BIG QUESTION : QHY8 Pro need a unique optimal pair of values, one for the GAIN and another for OFFSET. HOW WOULD I DEFINE THEM USING THE SG PRO ???

Thank you very much,

Gabriel Corban.

You don’t define them in SG Pro. You have to set them in the ASCOM driver which you can access in SPG Pro by using the Setup button for the camera (to the left of the connect button).

Thank you very much. Got it. It was too close to my eyes. :slight_smile:

A NEW BUG this time, regarding the temperature control. I’ve open the SG Pro, defined the camera QHY8 Pro and start it without setting any tmperature. So, I saw the current temperature, +17 gr C while the cooler on the menu was OFF , "Set to " 0 in “0” minutes. Well, even so, the real displayed camera temperature quckly decreassed , in about 2 min to - 12 C, without any command from me, this way.
I guess, at camera start the cooler must be OFF really and camera must keep the ambient temperature till I’ll “set to”, etc.

Thank you very much,

Gabriel Corban.

I’ve noticed on my QHY8L that when I power up my outside pier that the tec is off on the camera. But tec cooling is powered up immediately during my inside computer bootup. When using Ezcap to view the tec operation I find it On, set for manual operation, and well on it’s way to cooling down on its own. Seems like it starts cooling when its sensed by the qhy driver or computer’s usb bus. If I’m not shooting flats during sunset I’'ll turn off the cooler and later on fire up sgpro v24 where everything works well.

I have the ASCOM driver sources for the QHY10 and the TEC power on/off does nothing. I suspect the QHY8 is the same situation. Once you connect the camera, it’s going to start cooling. You can set the temperature to something around room temperature if you don’t want it to cool. This problem is not a issue with SGP but with the ASCOM driver. So you can try to turn the TEC on/off with SGP but it will do nothing in the driver.

New promises from QHYCCD team regarding the QHY ASCOM :slight_smile: :slight_smile: " To Today at 12:19 AM
Hello, guys

I am using the QHY8PROASCOM-StarSenseSci-V30 but the TEC power on/off does nothing, when I start and try to use the Sequence Generator Pro software (SGP) . Once I connect the camera in SGP, it’s going to start cooling and can’t be controlled. As the providers of SGP said, this problem is not an issue with SGP but with the ASCOM driver. So it can try to turn the TEC on/off with SGP but it will do nothing in the driver.
Can you solve that problem, please, so that I can properly use the SGP, which is a very important software to the AP’s. ? Gabriel "
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We will check and solve it soon,please wait a moment.

Best Regards

Your QHYCCD Team "

Hope finally this issue will be solved and the TEC control will be perfect from SGP too. :slight_smile: