Beta 14 and QSI filter wheel possible issue

When I used beta 14 it connected to my QSI filter wheel but it would not change filters. I then reverted to 2.3 and it worked fine all night.

Sorry, not sure. Lots of folks using the beta are using QSI cameras with filter wheels (including me) without issue. Please see this post and we can take a look:

Hi Andy,

I installed Beta 14 last night and after reading your post this morning, I tested with my QSI660wsg and filter wheel is working properly. I tested all 5 positions.


same here, no problems with a QSI683wsg

Try rebooting. I had this happen last night with my SBIG and rebooting cleared it up.

Will try that.

I have had the same issue with my QSI (although not with that SGP version). It was intermittent and I had every reason to suspect that it was a camera issue rather than an SGP issue per se. Of course it is impossible to tell, but unless the problem is consistent or widely reported, I would first:

  1. Reboot.
  2. Restart SGP.
  3. Disconnect/reconnect
  4. Check QSI firmware

It is immensely frustrating when this happens–I just lost a sequencing run–but as long as others are using the software successfully, I look for the problem on my end.

I am using the QSI683wsg and have never had a filter wheel issue with SGP over numerous betas. On a very few rare occasions the camera crashed, which was due to me doing something stupid. I used to have loads of issues with nightly crashes with the gold standard and SX filterwheels. When I rebuilt my system, I completely overhauled camera/wheel, USB system and acquisition software.
It is worth checking the USB system. My QSI is fitted to the USB hub in a Paramount, which in turn is connected to a 7-way StarTech industrial USB 2 hub. Several of my friends have had issues with USB peripherals and the problems have gone away when I lent them my spare hub. I also invested in high quality cables.
My USB 2 hub used to connect to the PC via a StarTech 4-way USB extender over Cat 5 cable - that was replaced by an Intel NUC, which has 4x USB 3 outputs. Since I don’t have any USB 3 peripherals, I stuck with a USB2 hub. I ‘think’ that is the conventional wisdom too.

+1 to @buzz 's comments on usb connectivity. I don’t have QSI camera but did have troubles with camera (main and guide) as well as mount disconnects etc. Traced it down to usb cables and hub. I’ve also had good success with Startech usb hubs. Currently using this one:

which is USB 3.0 (I like idea of having USB 3.0 connection between hub and obsy PC).

Also, look for usb cables that have ferrite filters. If using USB 3.0 hub, I found the Micro-B plugs finicky - preferred hubs with the Standard-B plug. Other suggestions - use powered over non-powered hubs, keep cable lengths short as possible and physically secure cables near port (incl hub power cable).


yes - good point Dave, it goes without saying to use a powered hub. The StarTech industrial ones conveniently use 12V.