Beta 14... Slave to Telescope error

It’s repeatable. If I click ‘Slaved to Telescope’ and then try to go into the Settings, it throws this exception.

Interesting. Did not see that error with my Sky Controlled Telescope (new driver) and Maxdome II so I would guess it is not a generic issue.


This seems like it may be related to your sequence. Can you put that up so we can take a look?


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Standard… reboot after install was the fix for it.

Is everyone starting to see more issues with running SGP after installing? It’s been a common trend lately for me at least.

I don’t understand what this means. Your crash had a specific issue associated with it and it has been fixed.

Ok. Thanks. I rebooted the computer and didn’t have an issue last night. I have noticed with V2.4 if I don’t reboot after install then I have weird issues.