Beta crashes changing SBIG filter wheel

Beta appears to have introduced a bug that crashes the program when I first open an SBIG sequence and try to load any filter. I ran many nights with and this never happened.
The last 2 nights with installed it has happened every time I load an SBIG sequence and then try to change the filter. As soon as I reinstalled tonight, I have had no failures.

The reason I reset the filter as soon as I load an SBIG sequence is my SBIG more often than not shows the word ‘moving’ where it should show the currently loaded filter. This will never fix itself and the sequence will fail on the first program attempt to set the filter. When I manually go to the control panel filter tab, select any filter, then click Set, it promptly moves the filter to the one I selected.

On the second attempt to load an SBIG sequence and set the filter, it usually works fine and continues to work fine for the rest of the night, but sometimes fails 2 or 3 times before working.
Two example logs from last night.

REVISION: This is not a change with the beta. Both versions have this problem for me. Maybe my SBIG filter wheel hardware has an issue. It has had this funny problem of the filter wheel stuck in a ‘moving’ state on first connect for a long time. The thing that is new for the past couple of weeks is it crashing when I specifically do a Set to a filter. Previously it would quickly load the filter I requested and never crash.